Life Hacking 101: Air Conditioning Repairs Made Easy

It’s frustrating when your HVAC system isn’t working properly, especially during those times of years when it’s very hot or cold and you rely on your system to keep you comfortable in your home. Before you need help is the best way to locate the right company to repair old equipment or install new, learning as much as possible about HVAC. Read this article for advice.

Before the summer you should clean out your condenser fan’s coils and blades. Make sure that the power is shut off to the HVAC unit if you are doing more than a light surface cleaning. In addition, always remove all debris such as leaves from the outside condenser unit.

air conditioning repair st. petersburgClean your outdoor condensers often. other, twigs and Leaves troublesome objects can accumulate, particularly after very windy weather, and this will wreak havoc on your system. Left unchecked, your unit is more likely to break down.

Each spring, try cleaning the fan blades and coils on the condenser fan. Shut the power off before you do anything. Then, pop off its grills, pull the blades out, and begin cleaning the unit and them gently.

Lubricate the oil ports on your condenser once each year. You can easily find the ports as they have a rubber or metal cap. Choose a SAE 20 oil whch is lightweight and non-place and detergent 10 drops or less into each port, ensuring it doesn’t overfill.

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Put your outdoor unit in places with shade. It will reduce the temperature of the air going into the unit, meaning that it will not have to work as hard to cool it.

During cold weather , be sure to turn off outdoor condenser units. Turn the unit off to prevent damage if the outside temp is under 60 degrees. This can keep your HVAC running and can save you money on repairs.

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Replace single pane windows by installing double pane, if possible. Double pane windows will help keep your home cooler in the summer. It keeps heat in during the winter, too.

Having a programmable thermostat installed is a money saving idea. Because they significantly cut energy use when you’re not around, these convenient thermostats may shave ten percent or more off of your bills. Some programmable thermostats can even be controlled from a PC or other device.

When everyone is gone, turn your AC off. Your home will become somewhat warmer during this time. However, leaving it on increases your electric bill and wear and tear on the system.

Look online to see if you can find reviews if you don’t know who you should contact to do your HVAC maintenance or any installations. There are a lot of sites these days that let customers talk about their experiences with contractors. This is an awesome way to find contractors to work with.

So get several quotes before hiring anyone, every contractor out there is responsible for setting up their own fees. If you call around before making a final decision, it can save you a lot of money in the end. You should try to contact 5 to 6 contractors to find out what price you can reasonably expect to pay.

For greater efficiency, put a radiant barrier in your attic. This will block heat from coming in, which means that less energy will be needed to keep your home cool. If you install the unit properly, you can even begin to use the attic as a bedroom as it will be so comfortable!

In order to establish efficient HVAC operation, determine which way your home faces. Trees placed in the right places can keep the sun from heating your home too much. The less heat, the easier time the air conditioner in your home will have.

Immediately start looking for any obstructions if you hear a clicking noise coming from your HVAC unit. Sometimes debris interferes with the cooling system fans. Removing the debris will quickly fix the issue. Check this out before calling a repairman.

To gain maximum HVAC efficiency, you need efficient windows and doors too. Make sure they are tightly sealed so air can’t seep in. Talk to a professional to determine the best way to do this.

When considering what size AC unit your home needs, be sure to measure the immediate area you need to cool. You can usually substitute 20 BTU for each square foot in the area to be cooled. Just measure your tally and rooms up the total square footage.

Speed should be a concern when you are looking for an HVAC specialist. They should be able to get in and get the job done quickly. Reliable companies insist that their technicians are prompt. An experienced person will quickly know what is going on with your unit. Once the technician figures out what’s wrong, they can help resolve the problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ask how much experience they have and with what types of systems, before you hire a contractor for your HVAC system. It is important that you hire someone that has enough background experience to get the work done properly. It’s best to find someone who knows what they’re doing.

Place a cover around your condenser in the winter months. When the condenser is not being used, the cover will help it to last much longer. If the temperature is below 60 either, don’t turn it on. Turn the fan on instead, to avoid putting undue stress on the system.

Ask every prospective contractor to do a heat-loss assessment. They can figure out how may BTU will be required to keep your house comfortable. From knowing how many windows and doors there are to how much insulation there is, it’s a must.

Opt for a programmable thermostat when getting your HVAC. This can save you a lot on your energy bills and gives you a nice comfortable home.

Getting an HVAC professional is vital to your installation process. Knowledge will go a long way to improving the experience for you. Hopefully you now feel prepared to hit the ground running the next time you have an issue with your systems.