Helping Youth Take Advantage of Mentorship Programs

Thanks to the help of CYDMS, I will be attending a Summer Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto’s Medical Faculty, this summer. I never really thought I would be spending my summer learning about medicine and getting hands on experience from actual doctors. In fact, I had applied for summer school, grade 12 English, to get a heads start at school. But eventually with all the persuasion and constant encouragement from CYDMS, I had also applied for this program in April. by Samiira Mohamed,  Student at the Summer Mentorship Program 2010 Read More

Some of the Programs at CYDMS

Inspiring Future Generations

Today’s presentation inspired me to believe in myself. This means showing greatness in everything I do. From the classroom to the basketball court I learned that I have to personify greatness. by Jibar Mahamoud, CYDMS Youth Read More

CYDMS Program Evaluation

The three most important things youth get from CYDMS were then listed in order of importance. Out of the items that was most often ranked as 1st most important, “offers positive role models” and “helps me with school work” were cited the most and accounted for 50% of 1st most important entries. The second most important items were identified as “gives me guidance and support” and “provides me with recreational activity” Read More

Student Assessment Reporting